Essay mistake

<p>This is so stupid. I already know it is a bad thing that I mispelled a word on my uc apps. BUt HOW BAD is it that I forgot the "p" in Poster boards. So its like "oster boards". that is so stupid. now the admission officers will think I didn't spend much time on them. But in reality I made 13 drafts on that same exact one. i know i am crazy! :( but someone reassure that things will be alright. cause i know all of you are smarty pants or people who like to feed off of other people's mistakes! haha</p>

<p>well it certainly wouldn't be worth contacting them to fix your'd just draw attention to it. i made an even more glaring mistake on one of my apps where i put down one date on the common app and another on the supplement where they asked the same question.</p>

<p>don't sweat it, what's done is done. just hope they don't catch it, and if they do, understand that you're only human.</p>

<p>That's nothing compared to mine. I accidentally put April for my birthdate instead of March. They're gonna have a nice ol' laugh with my application. :(</p>

<p>that is not good. that you put the wrong month. i would call in and get that fixed. quick</p>

<p>"No, you cannot make any electronic changes to an application after it has been submitted. You need to contact Johns Hopkins University directly and submit any changes via regular mail."</p>

<p>Yeah. I'm screwed. They'll never get it on time. :(</p>

<p>About the faxing, I just found this on their site: "May I fax missing documents?</p>

<pre><code>Yes. Our fax number is (410) 516-6025."

<p>So I guess I can fax that paper instead of mailing it, right?</p>

<p>BTW, how screwed am I with that birthdate thing? I mean, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the least screwed?</p>


<p>Sure you look dumb, but just send them a written explanation. It won't affect your chances ;)</p>

<p>2? That's good. I've been screwed more severely than that before. (DO NOT TAKE THIS OUT OF CONTEXT!) I guess I'll send a little note tomorrow. Phew.</p>

<p>its ok
i wrote "principle"instead of "principal" in one of my "i am a perfectionist " essays.</p>

<p>If you're really worried, send a corrected essay.</p>

<p>thanks guys!</p>

<p>for one of my ECs i wrote IYC instead of IAY because i meant to say IAYC. should i contact them about this? i guess i could put the phone number down of my supervisor.</p>