Essay mistake!

<p>I didn't write my name, address, or home number on my supplemental essay that I sent to Cornell. When I print-previewed it I saw that the name was automatically written on the bottom so I assumed that would be enough in case it gets seperated.</p>

<p>Of course, half an hour later while browsing the site I noticed that they ask all students to write their name, address, and phone on the uploaded essay. Huge deal? What can I do if it is?</p>


<p>On the essay instructions it only says full name and date of birth or ss #, so that's all I put. So now I just went to the Cornell site and saw where it asks for address as well, but on the common app supplement it does not mention address. :( Hope it's not a big deal!</p>

<p>egad!!!! I only put my ss# and name. =/</p>

<p>oh no! i only put my nme and ss# too! </p>

<p>Is this going to be a problem???</p>

<p>omg omg omg</p>

<p>I only did name and SSN as well. I'm sure that most people didn't know to put name and address. I don't think it'll be a problem at all (at least I hope not!)</p>

<p>Since I feel like this is gonna bug u guys for forever if no1 says anything I'll just say that u should call and find's an easy question to be answered. My guess is that it won't have an effect unless ur hanging by a thread in the decision making process (a seriously small...small smalllll thread lol). I'd give cornell a call and tell everyone what the answer is so ppl don't have to worry. gl</p>

<p>"omg omg omg"</p>


<p>I didn't put anything on the essays as it didn't say to on the common app online. I hope it's ok.</p>

<p>On the common app supplement it only asked for name, and ss# or date of birth. Thats what it says on the supplement itself! So, it says something else somewhere else on the website. We all followed the directions on the application itself, so there should not be any problems. I'm not calling anyone, because I think it's ridiculous to even be worrying about this. I am confident in myself as an applicant, and I refuse to worry about insignificant things any more!!! :)</p>

<p>Does this apply for as well? where should we put our name, date, ss#, etc?</p>

<p>If we're applying through CommonApp, do we still need to print out our supplemental essay and mail it to Cornell? </p>

<p>ALSO, on commonapp it says the maximum is 500 words for the supplement... but i've read on this site that it can actually be more than 500. if my essay is 723 words long, should i try to reduce it to 500?</p>

<p>^Now this is something I'd worry about. If it says the max is 500, then keep it to under 500. You don't want Cornell to question:</p>

<p>a) Your ability to follow directions
b) Your mathematical reasoning ability (ie 723 > 500)
c) Your ability to convey an idea in an articulate and succinct manner</p>

<p>I had essays for med school apps where the max was 600 CHARACTERS (roughly 4-5 sentences). If it asks for you to answer the question in under xxx limit, then answer the question in under xxx words/characters.</p>

<p>hehe well I don't want them to mail my essay back to me if they don't like it, so of course I didn't include my address.</p>

<p>I did cut down my essay from 600+ words down to about 450. I liked it better with more words, but I decided rules is rules.</p>

<p>oh crap. I didn't put ANYTHING on my essays. But I think Common app does it for you automatically? But honestly, I dont' think it's THAT big of a deal.</p>

<p>Hi guys! I called Cornell and asked; they said it's not a big deal and we're all losers for stressing ;-)</p>

<p>lol my essay went over by a pretty good amount so don't delete words if it's gonna ruin ur essay (unless things have changed). Just don't go overboard obviously.</p>