Essay on the significance of my first Al Anon family meeting?

<p>So, during my Junior year of high school, I wrote a practice college essay discussing the first time I went to an Al Anon family meeting. My english teacher told me it was absolutely beautiful and gave me a 100, which he NEVER gives out. I honestly think its a good essay. </p>

<p>The only concern I have is whether or not its actually appropriate to submit to colleges. Is the subject too touchy? Is it cliche?</p>

<p>If it is from your heart then it is not cliche.</p>

<p>Is the subject unique to you? Did this have a true impact on you? Were there things in your life that have changed for the better that you can point back to that moment? I do not need, nor deserve these answers, however this is what you should be asking yourself. I do not think it is cliche if you do not paint yourself as a 'CBS Afterschool Special'.
The key, I am finding, with the essay is to show, not tell, an aspect about yourself. If you are unsure, ask a friend you trust if it sounds like you. Not the 'you' writing for a grade, but the 'you' they know. Then ask someone you trust, but don't know too well, perhaps a friends parent or an adult at your church group to read it. Ask them what they think the message is. Is it the one you were trying to send? Ask a trusted person at your Al Anon group to read it and get their opinion.
From these you will get several perspectives and get an idea if the essay conveys the message you want.</p>

<p>Ask your professor what he liked about the essay. See if he says it portrays something unique about you</p>

<p>Is the essay focused on who you are and will it give a good sense of what you have to offer a college? A hood essay and a good college essay are 2 different things.</p>