Essay On Yourself

<p>Heys. I've been breaking my head on how to properly come across on my essay about myself. I dont want to make it bland and simply say "i am this, i'm like that, such-andsuch are my hobbies, etc."</p>

<p>Any tips at all?</p>

<p>write about what you are passionate about. your personal essay IS NOT an autobiography! perhaps choose one of these hobbies and discuss why it is meaningful to you...</p>

<p>i'm trying to talk about my hobbies in other essays, and save this one to talk about myself specificly.</p>

<p>I was trying to bring up a small experience in my past, that might help describe me, but i was just looking for any other hints or approaches</p>

<p>Thanx harpingchic</p>