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Write an essay in wich you explain how Zadie Smith builds an argument to persuade her audience that public libraries are important and should remain open. In your essay, analyze how Smith uses one or more of the features listed in the box above (or features of your own choice) to strengthen the logic and persuaviness of her argument. Be sure that your analysis focuses on the most relevant features of the passage.

In the article “The North West London Blues”, Zadie Smith eloquently argues that libraries should stay open because they have a social role, not an economical role in our society. Smith builds her argument by using anecdotes, adressing counterarguments and employing reflective language.

Firstly, Zadie uses personal examples to her advantage. By writting about her experience on a day to day basis she becomes relatable to the reader. When Zadie writes " Each morning I struggle to find a seat in the packed university library in which I write this,…" she connects with readers that go through the same situations. Knowing that they have a shared circunstance makes the reader more inclined to trust Zadie’s arguments.

In addition to telling a story, Smith also discusses counterarguments. In the second paragraph she states ’ Libraries are not failing “because they are libraries”. Neglected libraries get neglected, and this cycle, in time, provides the excuse to close them.’ By discrediting common used counter arguments, Zadie makes her claim stronger, because she gain the reader’s trust.

Furthermore, Smith uses rethorical questions and leaves an open end to the article. By writing " Can we keep our libraries? We need to talk about our libraries. Pleading, like children. Is that really where we are?" she makes the reader think about the subject even whe the passage finishes, drawing the reader to the debate.

All things considered, Zadie Smith persuades her audience with the use of anecdotes, the discreditation of arguments contrary to her opinion and the utilization of rethorical questions.

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