Essay Portion Not Received Yet

<p>I sent in the essay portion of my app on Nov 22nd, and recieved an email (the automatic one) confirming my submission. It isn’t showing up as receieved on my status, though, and it’s been a week. I may be worrying needlessly; is this typical? </p>

<p>I made myself wait until it was at least a week before asking. ;x</p>

<p>Perhaps they've received it but for some reason just haven't typed it into the computer. If I recall, I think in another thread this happened to someone else?</p>

<p>Just call and check to be sure. Hope it works out. :)</p>

<p>It says they received my essay, as well as other parts, about 10 days after I submitted, so you should still wait.
Anyway, maybe right now they're focusing on ED, so it may take a bit longer, you never know</p>

<p>If you're RD, I wouldn't worry about it until after the ED decisions have gone out.</p>