Essay prompts hurt my head

<p>"Are we free to make our own choices in life, or are our decisions always limited by the rules of society?"</p>

<p>I am overthinking this and I can't get any examples. All I think of is "Yes, we are free. I can kill a person if I want to. I can rob a bank if I want to. I can commit suicide if I want to. But, I won't because of morals and feelings." ***FFF.</p>

<p>Can someone just spat out some clear, straight examples?</p>

<li>God gave man free will</li>
<li>A made-up personal anecdote (perhaps, some friends wanted me to do drugs or shoplift; I said no)</li>
<li>Rosa Parks/MLK Jr. choosing to start a civil rights movement</li>

<p>Personally, I'd go with 2 and 3. 1 may offend a devout atheist.</p>

<p>Neither. Our actions are all reactions to every single thing that has happened in existence before our action, causing the particles around us and in our brains to act in certain ways, the simple continuation of chains of motion started eons ago. That I would think of this could be the result of a rock hitting another rock 8.3 billion years ago, starting a dust spray that eventually slightly altered the DNA of a reproductive cell in an ancient ancestor.</p>

<p>Or at least that's what I would write. True? Maybe, maybe not, but it's fun to stick it to the topic.</p>