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<p>So for my common app essay, I ended up writing about how what I learn in the classroom often enters everyday chats with my friends (and it really does!... many would say that we're nerdy/pathetic). Anyway, I'm not sure it's super creative and doesn't really fit into any of the chicago essays... until I did topic of your choice. If the adcom read my essay they'd see why I'd be a great match for U Chicago, since it shows how I spend my time and what interests me and all that... so should I submit it as a topic of your choice essay and then just make up a creative question? Any ideas/comments would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>I hope that will be ok--while the chicago essay topics are stimulating and creative, some poele are better off writing something about themselves that does not really fit anywhere but that really captures who they are. At least, the topic of my own choice is what i'm going to do. I hope we dont end up as the 50% who dont get in. Good Luck</p>

<p>I attended the prospective student orientation day, and went to the application meeting in place of my dd who was doing another session. The admission officer very clearly stated that the optional essay was the hardest in her opinion "because how can you come up with a question as interesting as ours?" She made it clear that they do not want to see essays on significant experiences or EC's or anything that is on the common essay. When I asked where that is covered, she said that it is rare for a 17 yo to have had any significant experiences. I said I was not talking about that kind of student, but she stood her ground. (I meant in context of a 17 yo like Lang immersion and science research.)--but she was harsh!</p>

<p>When my dd asked her regional guy, he seemed to be more open. </p>

<p>In all, I'd do the questions and not do your own. They were clear. They want to see how you think. My dd is considering doing lip service to one suggestion and I don't think it will fly, but it does show how she is different. I do think she is right for CHI and will likely go if accepted. I'd rather see her in a small LAC but she is very excited by CHI. I like CHI, but I'm going to push for Wellesley or Smith.</p>


<p>I did not find the prompts very appealling this year. So, I made one up myself and wrote about climing trees and art....go figure:)</p>

<p>Bettina, it won't be a dull cliche essay. The essay will show that I am PERFECT for U Chicago. It illustrates how to me the line between work and play have blurred, and what I learn in the classroom becomes something I think about and discuss in my free time. It's somewhat creative I suppose in that few other students would approach the essay the same way... and it's very me. If it weren't for the fact that it really shows that I'd fit in at U Chicago, I wouldn't consider using another essay for the U Chicago application. If I just think up an interesting/creative prompt to go along with the essay is that ok? Or is it really important that I answer one of their prompts?</p>

<p>This is a great resource for anyone "stuck" about Chicago Essays.</p>

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<p>I hope this will help all of you people who are asking about the U of C (and getting in). I know that many people have been asking about the essays that were written by those of us who were admitted. Well, myself and a few other members of the class of 2008 have posted our essays on a small essay forum. I hope this helps! :)</p>

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<p>Those are all essays which merited a Chicago acceptance letter? It is relaxing to see so much concrete evidence that it can be done. :)</p>

<p>"If I just think up an interesting/creative prompt to go along with the essay is that ok? Or is it really important that I answer one of their prompts?"</p>

<p>I don't really know. I got the idea from the speaker at student's day that it is best to stick with the prompt, but my dd got an idea from her first reader that other stuff is ok. This late in the day, stick with what you have, I guess.</p>