essay question

<p>when you are uploading your essays onto the common app or Apply Yourself, do you have to double space it? My essay is 740 words or so, and I was tweaking with the margins to make it fit into 2 pages, should I do that or just leave it at 2 pages and a bit of the third?</p>

<p>I just let mine go onto three pages. Don't worry about it</p>

<p>Are there any special instructions on how to upload the essay? I'm going to upload mine soon but I couldn't find any specifics about this. I didn't see anyone mention anything either.</p>

<p>what length should the essay be though? i was thinking if i made a long one it would be good because they would get to know me better .. but at the same time i dont want to bore them and annoy them ..
approx how many pages single spaced times new roman size 12 are yours?</p>