essay question

<p>"You have just completed your 300-page autobiography. Please submit page 217"</p>

<p>this is going to sound stupid, but... is this 300-page autobiography something that talks about your entire life up until now? or is it supposed to be creative, something that includes the future until you die?</p>

<p>if it's the first one, then page 217 would be something that happened in the last few years. if it's the latter, then page 217 would be something that'll supposedly happen when i'm 60. right?</p>

<p>it's either one...people interpret it both ways.</p>

<p>and page 217..if u do it as your whole life, is generally supposed to represent the peak-ish career sort of time of your life...I actually did a day at penn for my pg 217 essay</p>

<p>olive - search this board for a few discussions on the page 217 essay; you will find some excellent advice</p>