Essay questions

<p>Hey, I have two questions about Questbridge essays:</p>

<p>1) Are we allowed to title our essays? If so, do we simply place a title at the top of the essay?
2) Is copying and pasting from Word into the text box acceptable? Do we need to reformat or anything?</p>

<p>Thanks :)</p>

<p>Generally I would say don't title your essays as it will use up part of your character count which is already limited. However, if you have enough room in your character count and feel the essays benefit from a title, it is okay to use one. I would type the essays in Word and paste them in, but then proofread carefully to see if any strange things happened.</p>

<p>Thanks for the response.</p>

<p>Do we need to reformat anything after copying and pasting from word? For example, text online is often formatted to have a space separating paragraphs (instead of an indent to mark the paragraph start).</p>

<p>Use one less word than the maximum allowed in each essay, or you'll get some software glitches (at least on a Mac): The line spaces between paragraphs disappear and the last words of your essay will be cut off, if you used any hyphenated words within your text. This problem doesn't seem to occur if you remain at least one word under the limit.</p>

<p>Try pasting your essay text into the box to see what happens, without saving the page afterward. Better you should know what to expect NOW rather than near midnight on Sept. 30th!</p>

<p>Does anyone know if one can use html style tags to make individual words bold, or book titles italic?</p>

<p>I don't think you're going to be able to use html style tags because it would probably count as a word and not have any effect on the word - that's just my opinion though.</p>

<p>After we copy and paste the essay from word, should we add a line between each paragraph? Or should we simply indicate the start of a paragraph using an indent (three spaces)?</p>

<p>Use the three space indent. I personally find it frustrating that you can't insert a "tab" into the box.
The questbridge website isn't very well designed and is prone to bugs. Just today, I discovered a line of "broken codes" at the bottom of my application</p>

<p>^The three space indent doesn't work in Questbridge.</p>

<p>Okay, I need help! I am a Questbridge Finalist, but I just noticed that I didn't indent my essays. I can't remember if I did, and then QB just didn't let me or if I totally forgot. I am freaking out, for this silly mistake. Can anyone tell if QB allow you to indent your essays or if it doesn't. THANK YOU!</p>


<p>Is it true that the three spaces indent doesn't work? thus none of my essays are indented.</p>

<p>^ It's really quite irrelevant. You're a finalist, beyond that, don't worry :-). Certainly not worth drudging up an old thread and then posting 2 minutes apart to ask the same question :-).</p>