Essay - Rescoring?

<p>Is there any way I can challenge the way my essay was scored? I got a 12 on my previous SAT, and I didn't change much format-wise for this one, yet I received an 8. It doesn't make sense to me.</p>

<p>I'd say your chances of successfully challenging something like this are close to 0, especially since essay writing is (yes, even with the SAT) a subjective topic. Your best bet is to just take it again - good luck!</p>

<p>you know its sort of weird how most people from my school got a 8 on the essay....and most people i talk to that dont go to my school... were the sat graders just real lazy? </p>


<p>LOL, I also received an 8 on my essay....</p>

<p>No one I know in real life has gotten an essay score higher than an 8...</p>

<p>All of my friends got an 8 as well on the March essay. They were angry when I told them I got an 11. ;)</p>

<p>Strange happenings, perhaps?</p>

<p>Yo, same crap happened to me. I had an 11 on the Jan essay and then (when I knew the essay I had written for March was so much better than the one I wrote in Jan), I got a freakin 9 :( and a 760 on the Writing portion. Anyway, I already have an 800 W from Jan, so I shouldn't complain! :)</p>