Essay score: How important is it to college admission?

<p>On the November SAT, I scored a 790 on writing with a full multiple choice score, but a 9 on the essay. I was satisfied. However, viewing college admission procedures, I've noticed that some require the SAT essay "for placement", whatever that means. My question is, how significant is the SAT essay score, and can a 9, but a 790 overall, hurt my chances in any way applying to the Ivy leagues?</p>

<p>I don't believe anybody cares about the essay score. "Placement" means the level of course you start at- it has nothing to do with admissions. You live in a fantasy world if you think a 790 with a 9 on the essay is going to hurt you!</p>

<p>My two cents: It's a freaking 20 minute essay. Who can judge writing ability on that? It's like telling an artist to paint something in five minutes to see whether he's a good artist or not. I don't think it factors into admissions.</p>

<p>I believe the essay score is more important, as it gives a loose basis by which to estimate your capabilities as a writer. I agree with Cardgames that it might be used to place you into an English class quickly, since they really don't have other writing samples to look at (not counting the personal statement as an essay.)</p>

<p>Alright, so placement has nothing to do with admission, and therefore a score of 9 cannot hurt chances whatsoever, correct?</p>

<p>I contacted someone who has experience in college admissions. She said that only the score out of 800 matters. And yes, placement has nothing to do with admissions.</p>

<p>Thank you so much Cardgames, you really lifted a weight off my shoulders. <em>siiiiiiiiigh</em> :)</p>