Essay too short = problem?

<p>My long essay is now only 2,150 characters... I'm going to add a bit to the end so it will probably end up being around 3,000 characters. But they give us 5,100 characters!!! So is 3,000 too short? If the essay is pretty strong, would a shorter essay hurt? Or might it even help? Any input would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>well, their "5100 characters" and "one page only" are kinda contradictory. 5100 is definitely more than a page, unless you write with font 10 and .5 margins. so i guess if it fills up the page w/ 1 inch margins and font 12, it's fine.</p>

<p>mine is 4600 characters, and i'm not gonna just add to it for the sake of reaching 5100.</p>

<p>Well mine as it is fills up like half of one page on the online app... I think they do use a rather small font (8? 10?) with small margins.</p>

<p>WAT??? they never said # of characters, WHERE???????</p>

<p>They seem to have a character limit on their online application for most things. That's why I'm submitting Part II as a hard copy.</p>

<p>Mine is 3600 including spaces... I think it will be fine.</p>

<p>By the way, which long essay did you all choose, 11a or 11b? I did 11b...</p>

<p>Mines is 4100-something characters and I did 11b</p>

<p>I chose 11 b</p>

<p>lol seems like i'm the only one doing 11a...and my picture is kinda shocking, and i might say a bit risky. it's 50/50 whether they love it or hate it. Still, i'll take 50% over 15% anyday!</p>

<p>nope, i chose picture as well, i am writing about a picture of me, and how i believe that there is nothing more important in the world than me! we'll it's true! I mean would you risk your life to save anothers???? :P</p>

<p>I did 11a too. Picture is of me too...well sort of...its mainly of a fence that I built...cuz I co-founded and now own a company that builds fences..yeah...hows that for out of the ordinary?</p>

<p>oh...and my essay is like 4700 characters (w. spaces)...all my short ones were like 100 characters or so over the online character limit, so i just submitted it in hardcopy...for better or for worse...</p>

<p>Ok, so it's now 3,067 characters, and not getting much longer unless I make some pretty drastic revisions... is the length ok as it is, or should I add more? I said all I wanted to say within about 500 words, but I could always add on to it.</p>

<p>"Brevity is the soul of wit."</p>

<p>Quality is more important than quantity! I mean, they don't want someone repeating themselves and blabbing on and on. keep it short and sweet :)</p>

<p>I recognize that one: "Brevity is the soul of wit"</p>

<p>That's my man Polonius from Hamlet. I hope you aren't comparing yourself to him. Acutally I wouldn't compare myself to anyone in Hamlet. Poor Hamlet is too paralyzed to take early action. haha...</p>

<p>My picture is of me and my ultimate frisbee team. </p>

<p>I kind of filled up a little more space by not indenting and putting a blank line between paragraphs. Is that bad? It was mainly because I was annoyed that the first line doesnt seem to save indented.</p>

<p>"More matter with less art"
[btw, "too paralyzed to take early action"....nice pun]</p>

<p>..What about the short essays (8-10)? Mine vary in length.</p>