Essay Topic Common App- tragedy

<p>When I was in eighth grade my dad suffered a disability after abusing alcohol (he lost his short term memory and ended up in a nursing home at the age of 51). This was right after my parents also got divorced. Would an essay addressing how my father's own failure is in many ways the catalyst to my own drive and success, and how I learned to push myself independently following his own tragedy?</p>

<p>I think it could work. Just make sure that you are the foucs of the essay, not your father. BTW, alcohol abuse is a hot topic on college campuses right now.</p>


<p>as arcadia said, it could work. the essay has to revolve around you as a person, not your father. while I'm sure you could write a great essay with that topic, honestly, I would choose a diff topic bc I don't think you could showcase yourself as much as a diff topic.</p>

<p>Yes I agree. But the thing is... I have talked to a few people about this. And one of my objectives here is to show people... okay here is this kid from white suburbia... just a typical a student with high test scores and a lot of activities... okay now we find out his father became disabled right before this kid entered high school. Does that not show more about myself? Set me apart in at least a minor fashion? Show that maybe there is more to the story?</p>

<p>Whatever is true for you. If this experience formed you in some way that you think will reveal the true you to an adcom, go for it. If you're using his disability tactically or strategically you risk being seen as calculating and exploitive. Your sentence sounds calculating to me. Look at me! I'm not like the others! My Dad's disabled! I'm different! Yep. You are different. How? Why? And, why should they care? Answer those questions in your essay and you're onto something.</p>

<p>again, your topic choice is truly up to you, and only you</p>

<p>w that said, I'll tell you wht I did: I wrote about how I color-code my closet. w in my essay, I inserted sentences that allowed for the adcoms to see my family life and other things</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice. I would say it definitely has changed me. So no it is not tacticals. But yes revealing my difference is part of my approach. I like glucose's approach too.</p>

<p>thanks, lol</p>

<p>I did get in after all ;-)</p>

<p>(I went to help the adcoms w admission calls, and the head adcom knew who I was based on my essay)</p>