Essay topic help!

<p>First, I'm wondering if it's okay to do the "topic of your choice" essay, or is it better to stay with one of the true prompts? Since I have my own flock of sheep, I've been thinking about writing an essay on that... would that work? If so, what do I want to focus on? Mainly what I've learned by having them or what? Thanks-</p>

<p>Choose whichever prompt you can make the best essay with. It doesn't look better or any worse to use a topic of your choice versus one of the pre-existing topics.</p>

<p>Okay.... Here are my thoughts...
Could I give a brief description of the first time I had lambs born, and then say how that had instilled a passion for sheep... And then in my body explain how that passion has helped me with my sheep and as a person... And finally in the conclusion bring up the point of how being passionate with my sheep "operation" will carry on into my college years and career? I plan on majoring in biology, so I could also relate how the sheep had an effect my decision to major in biology. What do you all think?</p>

<p>The flock of sheep essay will make you stand out in a good way. It sounds like you are very passionate about what you are doing. It also sounds like you have an unusual lifestyle for a college-bound student. Capitalize on that by talking about your interest. If it relates, too, to your interest in bio, that's marvelous. Lots of students fantasize about vocations but have not based those fantasies on reality. I am sure that your experiences with sheep have taught you a lot about biology, and have given you ideas of what you could do after college that relates to that major.</p>

<p>Go for it!</p>

<p>thanks a lot!</p>

<p>Forgive me but 'a passion for sheep' hit me the wrong way, LOL....</p>

<p>Actually it is a really great idea for an essay, but you need to think about how you can tell this tale so it isn't a typical 4-H project. </p>

<p>It shows you are a quirky person who follows his/her own road and you pursue your interests fully rather than dabbling. The connection to biology is good, though I suspect you also connect to this flock on other levels. What are they? What is interesting, joyful, peaceful, sad, or dramatic about this? There are no "right" answers. It could be you like being outdoors, or being the caretaker, or being alone, but with company-- the way one feels with animals... </p>

<p>I could also imagine a narrative about an event that happened that involved the sheep-- dramatic or charming or frustrating or ?-- and telling the tale of that specific event.</p>

<p>Good Luck.</p>