Essay topics for Common App

My senior son is really struggling with his common app essay topics. His two favorite activities, and where he spends most of the time, are golf and fishing but he is being discouraged from writing about sports. He can’t think of any significant challenges other than the fact he was just diagnosed with celiac and he has dyslexia. I am hesitant for him to write about dyslexia because I feel like mentioning a learning disability is not a great idea. He excels at French which is pretty remarkable since he struggles with English but his application reflects the awards and nominations he received for this. The celiac is tough because not uncommon, lessons sound pretty trite and details of the symptoms are difficult to write about. We have tried a bunch of brainstorming ideas to no avail.

He has excellent grades and a 31 on the ACT which he will likely improve if he gets to retake it (3 cancellations so far). I think his essay may be the deciding factor for him at a couple of schools. Any ideas?

Honestly, I kind of like the idea of writing about fishing. I do not fish, but the act of fishing offers peace and serenity in the world of chaos. So if he can find a way to show why he enjoys it & how it has shaped him, it could be an interesting topic. He should make sure to allude to how his experiences have contributed to growth and how he plans to continue growing in college. PS I am celiac as well!

He should write about what he’s most comfortable with and of course about what he enjoys. He should not be discouraged. On the other side, writing about what he doesn’t like as much, stimulates his brain. Anyway, I think as an essay writer he should first know the main rules of it. Making a plan before is very important. Will help him focus on the important points and don’t lose track. Also, he should take his time and don’t rush things. Writing essays is a beautiful process that helps brain development.

I can give some tips which can help your son to choose the best common essay topic for him.

  1. He has to make it personal

The point of a personal statement is to, well, make a personal statement, so he has to tell the reader something about himself. The topic needs to be something meaningful to him.

  1. He has to take time thinking

I recommend you to take plenty of time to brainstorm and write. So he won`t be feeling rushed into jotting down the first thing he can come up with and sending it right off**.**

  1. Avoid Repetition

An essay should illustrate something about the writer beyond what’s in the rest of the application** .

A college essay is not a resume —it’s the best opportunity to show off your unique personality to admissions committees. Pick the topic accordingly.

  1. Get Specific

The best topics are usually the narrowest ones: essays focused on a single interaction, a single phrase, or a single object. The more specific your son can get, the more unique his topic will be to him.

Choosing a topic for a common app essay is a very important part of writing, but don’t forget about other requirements. During preparing spend some time reading about common app essay prompts to prepare better for writing an essay.