Essay Topics???

<p>I am debating writing about overcoming Bulimia on my own and how it changed me as a person today. Would this put the admissions people off and would they see me as unstable and not want to accept me? I wanted it to be different and personal. Should i do it or just write about something else?</p>

<p>I worked briefly in admissions at a private university. Although there were no essay requirements, one of the things that I looked for in potential students was PASSION. I've heard stories from all walks of life, and the people that touched me the most were those who overcame great obstacles. To overcome Bulimia is not an easy task, and that surely says something about your character. I can't say how the person who reads it will react, that depends on your writing ability, and the formation of your essay. Whatever you decide to write about, just make sure you're passionate about it, and that it translates easily in essay form. Here are some tips from a NY Times writer. </p>

<p>The</a> College Admissions Essay: Finding a Topic -</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>