essay word limit on online app

it says on common app online that the maximum number of charactesr you can have in the essay is 1800, otherwise they will be truncated.

but when i preview it i can see all of my essay with lots of space still left, desipte the fact that my essay has like 2300 characters!?

does this mean i can submit my essay (im intending to submit online) or do i need to shorten it?

<p>shorten. Many people have encouraged applicants to have others review, and cut out all the redundant phrases and details that don't add to who YOU are.</p>

<p>but the thing is, do i HAVE to shorten it?</p>

<p>is the online common app going to cut my essay?
its about ~100 words over limit, but i can still see all the words on the common app when i do print preview</p>

<p>no, you dont have to... wat you see is wat they see</p>

<p>In your first question, you said it was 500 words over, now you say 100. Have you been editting?
I do think its hard to edit one's own writing, but others may be able to help shift passive verb phrases into an active verb, eliminate a sentence or phrase.</p>

<p>i said characters not words...</p>