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My son is freshman in HS. Please recommend a essay writing course for him , thanks

I think you are much too early to be worrying about essay writing help. If your school has a good AP language and composition class, that should be all he needs.


Does he need more help in learning how to help for the purposes of high school classes? He could take a community college composition class as dual enrollment, or take an online class at organizations like, and online high school whose classes some high schools accept for credit.

If you are thinking about college application essays, it is way too early. When the time comes he can get help from teachers and also here on CC.

Hi! I recommend you don’t worry about writing help now. Firstly, he can easy try to write essays by himself. If problems arise, you can use free services for examples

The type of essays on college apps use much of what great short story writers learn.

E.g. A captivating start. Gotta hold onto the reader from line 1.
Use and activation of the reader’s imagination. You don’t have time for long prose to describe everything in detail, so you need to use shortcuts to have the reader’s imagination fill things in.
Succinct, vivid vocabulary.
Powerful, satisfying close.

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Indeed, it’s a common problem nowadays. Many thanks for the useful tips!

Hi there! One option is the Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University. This website offers a variety of resources that can help your son learn more about effective essay writing. Another option is Khan Academy, which offers a variety of free online courses that can help your son improve his writing skills.

Thank yo everyone for great suggestions

please send the name of the organisation

Virtual High School but not the one in Canada

My kids likd it and we got funding for our school to join so that 25 students could take a class each semester. It was very popular.

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Thanks for providing the options. Please let us know if you know of any other free essay writing resources. Thanks.

For college essays I often help students here on CC via PM, for free of course.