<p>what is the essay for the supplemental common app?
i cudnt find the essay topic anywhere..!</p>

<p>No clue what you're talking about.</p>

<p>"Common Application and Personal Essay
We hope you’ll begin working on the Common Application as soon as possible since the questions and personal essay require some thought and preparation. If mailing your application, be sure to affix the appropriate postage (please consult the post office for exact postage) and include your return address."</p>

" Task Checklist
6. Do not wait to send all application materials together. Submit all supporting documents promptly:</p>

<li>Personal essay. "</li>

<p>this is what the site of WashU says,..
so whats the topic of the personal essay????</p>

<p>it refers to the personal essay on the common app. I guess they process it seperately.</p>

<p>jack is correct</p>