<p>I wrote some essays for schools and I am really confused on whether they are good or not. My parents aren't native english speakers so they can't help much. I was wondering if soembody would be willing ot give me a sincere opinion? The essays that I wrote are:</p>

<li>the short answer favorite EC essay about tutoring</li>
<li>a why emory essay</li>
<li>a cover letter for a scholarship at indiana university</li>
<li>an essay on my academic interest: it is basically a fictional dialogue about all my passion for somet things yet no set path</li>

<p>Could any of you be kind enough to look at one or more of these essays? I would truly appreciate the help.</p>

<p>You should trust what you've written and use the spell and grammar check on your computer. Then send them in.</p>

<p>You might want to check out the book "On writing the College Application Essay" by Bauld. There is an Art and a Science to writing the essay.
The Science part:
Is it well organized?
Does it fully develop the topic?
Does it demonstrate facility in use of the language?
Does it demonstrate variety in sentence structure?
Good range of Vocabulary? (not the same as thesaurus words)
The Art part:
Is it interesting?
Does it give the reader some idea of what you are really like?</p>

<p>Give them to one or more of your friends. Ask them if it sounds like you. In addition they can pick up the grammatical errors and nonsensical portions quicker than you can.</p>


<p>I'de be very leery of an essay in dialog form. Not all readers will be willing to play along.</p>