EssayEdge... is it good?

<p>I'd like to have the views of members who used the EssayEdge service.</p>

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<p>No idea, never heard of it.</p>

<p>Personally, I don't think it's moral or a good idea. They basically take your essay and change everything about it so that it's as if you give them a rough idea and they write it for you...Also (not sure whether this is true or not) colleges claim that they can tell when you've used one of these essay editing services, and that can't be good. I haven't personally used it, but I'd stay away from it based on the things I've heard</p>

<p>my teacher talked about this service...basically it is unethical. it's one thing to get opinions on your essay, and another to have it be rewritten for you. second, chances are it's not going to come out to good if you're already a proficient writer. people who have used it say it comes out as sentimental, cliche junk. if you're a terrible writer, maybe just having all the periods in the right place would be worth it...but for the majority of cc users it's going to be crap.</p>