Essays about nothing?

<p>My essays are actually about SOMETHING. Just not on an EC/intellectual experience. </p>

<p>Is it absolutely necessary to write on an EC/intellectual experience topic? I do have a longer extracurricular essay done (it talks about myself and my qualities much more than the activity, which I know is the "correct" way to approach the essay), and an intellectual/academic essay done related to my career/major interest (also reveals personal qualities). I have 2 others that are just reflective, but on my view of life and my quirky behavior (both have no relation to any of my activities or academic experiences), and I find them much more substantial (and fun). My friends and teachers find the latter 2 essays more enjoyable/revealing when reading as well. </p>

<p>So can I get away with this? I know it doesn't show passion per se, but 6 of my 10 ECs on my list relate to a "passion," if you can it that, of which I have been committed to for a long long period of time. </p>

<p>Eeek, sorry for the profuse amount of parentheses, making this an almost unbearable read. Thanks for all your input guys!! </p>

<p>Have a great Monday tomorrow!</p>

<p>Think of the big picture and how all the different components of your app come together to paint a picture or tell a story about why Harvard should want you. Choose the essay that you think works best in that context and is most likely to convince admissions officers that you would be a great addition to the class of ’16.</p>

<p>"Is it absolutely necessary to write on an EC/intellectual experience topic?"</p>

<p>No. Any topic that produces your best writing and creates a living picture of you can work.</p>