Essays in college

<p>How long are essays usually in college? Also did you see a huge difference in grading from your hs to your college teachers</p>

<p>For my college writing class, the papers were no more than 5 pages long. For my seminar class, the papers ranged from 6-10. Either way both classes ended up with 20+ pages of graded papers.</p>

<p>Grading wise, my professors focused more on quality of arguments than syntax.</p>

<p>I don't have a writing class this quarter, but a majority of my hallmates are, and their essays have to be over four pages long. They also seem to be graded harder, and go through multiple revisions and edits and require several drafts to be turned in before the final.</p>

<p>I'm an engineer so..... no.</p>

<p>So nice</p>

<p>How much does it differ from high school grades? How much does my writing need to improve if I'm a B+ English student</p>

<p>High school usually requires a standard 5 paragraph essay. College writing, just to be decent, requires much more thought, writing more drafts, and a larger vocabulary. Have a clear and concise thesis, and make sure you completely address the prompt or subject.</p>

<p>Sparkles speaks much truth, but I have never drafted an essay.
I just print it out the following day and check for typos and make some alterations. Works for me anyway.</p>

<p>(I do make quite careful plans, however, so I have a good grip on my thesis when I start writing)</p>

<p>My papers vary from class to class, but they're always 2 pages plus. The longest one I've written so far in college was sixteen pages. It was, surprisingly, a total blast to write:)</p>

<p>my professor always wants us to write 6-8 pages per essay. I haven't taken any seminar or honors in college, yet. As far as grading goes, I think it's actually much better than high school. You get so much more freedom in college and you can get super elaborate and creative with your essays; I love it!</p>

<p>^ I agree, it's so nice being able to write a more creative essay! Or a topic you actually wish to pursue then to try and come up with a small essay on something you hate.</p>

<p>I say the biggest change is the drafting process. Not once in highschool did I ever make a draft, and I was an A+ english student. In college I normally have a draft or two and really have to critique through my work to get an A. Oh, and writing center help. Huge advantage.</p>

<p>Is it usually reading a book and writing about it for an entry level English class?</p>

<p>My history papers are 10-12 pages. I don't write drafts, but I do outlines so I know what I'm going to write.</p>

<p>I'm a double English and Chinese major, and I love writing essays. Last semester, for finals' week, I churned out roughly 60 - 70 pages of text. All of my professors had the wonderful idea to make their exams take-home research essays. While I was in a vegetative state immediately thereafter as a direct consequence of several caffeine-fueled all-nighters, the actual experience was thrilling.</p>

<p>My freshman comp class is five five page essays over the course of the semester. I'll agree in that the standard five-paragraph essay no longer 'works'. It's kind of fun to get to write essays that don't have to be I've found grading to be about the same, but my prof grades only in letter grades, not with numbers.</p>

Is it usually reading a book and writing about it for an entry level English class?


<p>None of my papers were over a book/novel. We did a 3 pages character analysis on short stories, and we wrote a 6-8 page research paper on a topic of our choice. 4 of my 5 sources were books on my topic that I found in the library. Another was a website. However, this semester I'm taking a sociology course and we've read two books, "The Working Poor" and "Shame of the Nation" (on American poverty and the current public school system, respectively) and we've written papers using them to supplement what we talk about in class.</p>