Essentials of Finance 2023

I’m a high school freshman, so I am kind of new on the college summer programs scene, but I just got accepted to Wharton’s Essentials of Finance Program for summer of 2023. I read at a lot of other places that the price isn’t worth it and that it is really not that competitive.
Are there any attendees from previous years that could give me some advice or anybody else that also applied to the program? Also, I couldn’t find the class size anywhere, does anybody know approximately how many students will be in a session? Thanks!

We got accepted at Wharton and are still deciding as well. Although my son has some decent cred…I dont think it is competitive. I will have to contact them to know exactly how much face time is with the Director vs teaching assistants, if letters are written upon completion etc…it seems like a good program but as you mention is more expensive than any others I have seen.