Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind...

<p>Who here has seen it? What did you think? I saw it on Saturday night and Sunday night (bought it) and watched some of it again today with commentary on. For those who have seen it, I'd suggest watching it again-- you catch a lot of extra things you might have missed the first time.</p>

<p>that is an amazing movie. i haven't seen it since i saw it in the theater...but amazing. i need to get it as seeing it's out on DVD now...

<p>Kate Winslet just shines in that movie.</p>

<p>i saw it in theatres... aint got nothin on ace ventura!</p>

<p>it was a kinda trippy movie though. here are some ones i like:
Death to Smoochy
A Beautiful Mind
Fight Club</p>

<p>taffy: I think you're forgetting Donnie Darko and Girl Interrupted. Those are two of my favoritest "trippy" movies...I guess....</p>

<p>i didnt forget them, i simply havnt seen them :D ill try to rent 'em though</p>

<p>ok i rented donnie darko ill be watching it tomorrow. i saw the trailer for it and it gave me the chills :D</p>

<p>Be forewarned: if you don't understand any of Donnie Darko, don't ask anyone to help you understand it-- you will be mocked and told that you are simply not smart enough to understand its amazing storyline.</p>

<p>seen it with my friends, i find it quite shows another side of jim carrey hehe makes you appreciate great memories</p>

<p><em>spoiler warning</em></p>

<p>ahh just watched donnie darko. it was quite interesting. ill have to watch it a second time to get everything finalized. sounds like donnie proved to his teacher there isnt a god? also, im assuming the reason the 2 bullies were in the ol lady's house is because they were trying to steal gems or whatever? earlier donnie told his gf that they steal stuff from backpacks.</p>