Ethel Wood for AP World History?

<p>Does anyone have any experience with it? There is only one review for it but the other books by Ethel Woods (AP Gov't and Human Geography) have gotten really good reviews. What do you guys think?</p>

<p>Back in sophomore year, the AP World teachers distributed a copy of Ethel Wood's guide to every student. It's rather bland and contains many typos (they don't hinder the information at all, but they make the reading a bit jarring), but Ethel identifies key terms and key trends very well. The practice questions are a LOT harder than what's on the AP exam, but in a good way. They really helped me prepare for in-class tests and the AP exam. I recommend it.</p>

<p>To Keasbey Nights:</p>

<p>Would you choose Ethel Wood's WHAP review over PR?</p>

<p>I didn't get a chance to try PR for AP World, so I can't answer that.</p>

<p>Then is it by far the best prep book for WHAP?</p>

<p>Again, I can't assume it. I used it in conjunction with Barron's, and it was enough to get me a 5 (along with a strong teacher). If you can find a prep book that identifies the trends between regions and time periods, you'll be fine. Ethel did a decent job at it.</p>

<p>Thanks, needed to know which prep book to get.</p>