Ethernet cable length

<p>What is a good length cable? I was thinking about 14 feet, but I...1) hate cable mess and 2) hate it when a cable doesn't reach. </p>

<p>I plan on using Amazon they're all about $5..cost isn't a factor.</p>

<p>I want to get a really long one, so I can use it all over campus like a wireless connection.</p>

<p>I use a 30 foot one which I put around my bed and behind my desk so the cable isn't in the middle of the floor. Still reaches everywhere I want to use my computer in my room and isn't obnoxiously in the middle of everything and people can't step/trip on it.</p>

<p>Wait until you get to your dorm and see what you need.. Last year my only ethernet port was across the room from my only outlets and around two corners, so I had to get a 50ft cable so it could be looped along the wall behind all the furniture.</p>