Ethnic Groups

<p>I currently go to a college where students tend to hang out with their 'own'. Like Whites with whites and Asians with Asians and so on. I Hate it and I have been to Stony Brook, it's the same there. Does anyone know about the interactions of students at BING? Is Bing everything it says it is on their website or it's just for marketing purposes? Thanks for any info!</p>

<p>Another thing.... I have been to the campus and I loved it and took the acceptance. Just a little nervous on how it is there!</p>

<p>You will find this on most college campuses, if not most schools. And yes, at Bing there is a sort of self-exclusionary feeling, more among blacks and Hispanics (to be really general about it...) than with whites or Asians. To be clear, every group is definitely guilty of doing this but more so with the former than with the latter. I came from a very diverse and somewhat self-exclusionary HS and am pretty used to it, most people should be as this behavior certainly isn't limited to Stony Brook or your current college. You have to be willing to reach out and make friends regardless of your "own..." And it doesn't have to be just racially. Mix religions, cultures and ethnicities. </p>

<p>I'm sorry you're not a fan of this behavior but it happens in most places. It will not affect your Bing experience unless you let it. You can definitely make multiracial, cultural or religious friends, so relax and enjoy Bing.</p>

<p>Thanks Caemin. Just wanted to get the feel of how it is. Might go there before orientation. Can't wait that</p>

<p>Unfortunately, there's nothing to see, even during orientation, during the summer. My friend up there now taking a summer class says the place is basically empty. Only local students and those who can afford to stay in the apartments for the summer are around. Although orientation can be enlightening, I don't know if it is going to show you what you're looking for. I would suggest that while you're there for orientation, visit around Vestal and go into Bing and Johnson City and see what it's like, but that's for general information. </p>

<p>Some nice places to see (or eat or shop XD): Skylark Diner (on Vestal Pkwy), Vestal Public Library (same location, and a really nice library. Yes you can get a card as a Bing student), Town Square Mall (strip mall with Walmart and Barnes and Noble etc., same location (everything basically is...)), Tully's (GREAT chicken XD), Oakdale Mall (in Johnson City, google for directions), State Street (if you're into the Bar/Club scene, downtown Bing, google for it), Bing Arena for Bing Senators hockey, B-Mets (minor league baseball), there's a zoo, an observatory, and the carousels that make it the "Carousel Capital of the World." Also cool to see: IBM's ginormous building, it's just cool to look at, go to Mountainview's Dinning Hall's Parking lot (beautiful view), Google Earth of Bing campus (the Brain... :))... </p>

<p>Food for thought. Glad you're excited to come.</p>

<p>You're awesome. I'll be there one day before the orientation so now I have some places to visit. Thx for the info!!</p>