<p>Hi everyone at cc! I'm a junior and I'm also Malaysian. I was just wondering how that affects me as I send in my college admissions to schools? Would it be helpful, hurtful, or not affect me at all?? Thanks for any help.</p>

<p>Search up the “race” sticky in these forums</p>

<p>Race does play a role in admissions to a certain extent probably due to the guilt of white people having more access to certain opportunities and top-tier schools than other minorities. BUT there is that influx of Asian/Asian-American applicants at a lot of the top-tier schools and the rumored “Asian cutoff” in the SAT’s, where you would need at least a 2300 or something ridiculously high to have even a chance to crack the ivies. But what matters is how you present yourself as a person. How you show you’re passionate about what you do, how you’re passionate about attending whatever school you have your heart set on, and how you’re unique from other applicants. It’s all about that.</p>

<p>But admissions is a crap shoot, so it can be pretty unpredictable as to calculate the extent in which race plays in admission…</p>