Etiquette For Contacting Roommate

<p>I recieved my housing assignment last week, and sent an email to my assigned roommate saying that we should sort out who's bringing/ect. sometime soon and that I'm looking forward to getting to know her and meeting her. </p>

<p>A week later, and I haven't gotten a reply. Normally, I would assume that she hasn't seen the email, but our school email lets the sender see when it was opened (which was the day that I sent it). </p>

<p>Do I send another email? I have found her profile on Facebook, would it be odd for me to send her a message on there instead? Should I wait longer before doing so? I don't want to come on too strongly, but it's getting down to the wire and we really do need to sort things out.</p>

<p>I don't personally see an issue with friending her on Facebook [though probably not mentioning the email again -- friending her would just work as a gentle reminder]. Try waiting a little longer; she may be in the middle of doing summer activities and only had time to open her email [happens to me a lot, at least] or she just doesn't want to think about it yet. When does school start for you? When do you have to start shopping? Try reminding her a week or two before you move in or when you have to be shopping.</p>

<p>If she still doesn't answer then... well, she's rude, and you should just go with what you need immediately and either decide what to do when you see her in person or just bring your own stuff and don't bother letting her use it since she screwed you over.</p>

<p>Too many people are getting too anxious. She probably wants to sort things out too, so shell eventually get back to you. Also, if you sent it to a school email, she probably hasn't checked it because it's not yet her primary account.</p>

<p>just a mom butting in here...but just urging you not to worry for no reason. Our personal circumstance? My son works at a remote overnight camp as a counselor. I have access to his email account while he is away to make sure his bills get paid etc.</p>

<p>So when I see something school-related, I do open it. But I would not presume to contact his roomie for him.</p>

<p>To make things clear, at this point all of my sons are beyond freshman year of college, and they all have housing plans made with friends for next year, but this is the situation that arose in our household last year. My son contacted his roomie within 24 hours of coming home and things worked out very well. They are living together again next year.</p>

<p>She may be waiting to find out from her parents what she can bring or something, among many other things. I think friending her over facebook is okay but don't push. It took my roommate a week and a half to respond to my email to her and she was more than happy to get to know me and coordinate who's bringing what, she's just an internet spaz.</p>

<p>If you're gonna send a friend request, I'd probably leave a little message and your phone number to expedite the process. Then, if they call you, you can get to know them a little and it won't be as awkward your first day.</p>