Euphemisms to "cover" activities

<p>Okay, PRE GAMING? why not jst say getting drunk before everyone else</p>

<p>and </p>

<p>HOOKING UP? sounds like something we do to a car to be towed</p>

<p>love these new phrases that people to somehow make what they are doing seem less tawdry</p>

<p>"Yeah we hooked up" instead of "We had sexual intercourse in the car" or "I spent the eveing kissing her boyfried but it doesn't count"</p>

<p>Guess words can make tackiness seem less so for the tacky</p>

<p>Euphemisms are not entirely useless.</p>

<p>I think I would prefer to hear someone say "I got wasted," rather than having them provide a detailed description of the symptoms that resulted from their alcoholic overindulgence.</p>

<p>And I really, really don't want to know precisely and in detail what individuals mean by "making out."</p>


<p>So what are the alternatives? "I did not have sexual relations with that woman?" ;)</p>

<p>As for pre-gaming... very tacky, but I'm glad that they have no co-opted "cocktail hour" or "had aperitifs" and made innocuous behaviour seem tawdry (much in the same way that "Madam" and "ladies" have been co-opted from respectable to, well, not respectable).</p>

<p>i just find it funny, "we got caught pre-gaming" instead of we got caught if we couldn't figure it out</p>

<p>I just find it amusing, that's all, its a way of trying to make getting caught drunk seem "clever" or something because of the term used</p>

<p>language is important and its interesting how young people use terms to kind of "cover up" the real activity</p>

<p>why not say we got caught drinking alcohol in a dorm room, instead of we were pre-gaming, as if somehow pre-gaming was legitimate because it is a way of preparing for a legitimate event by getting drunk before hand, at least cocktail hour isn't trying to hide the fact its alcohol, while pre-gaming is trying to imply getting ready for an event, like primping....</p>

<p>its the use of certain words to try and legitimize or play down bad behavior, and its funny to think it works</p>

<p>Hooking up is the worst, because in my circle of friends at college, everyone has a definition of what hooking up actually entails. Saying "I hooked up with so and so" always seems to be followed by a "so what happened?"</p>

<p>As for pre-game... I'm trying to think of the instances when I actually use it. If we're going to drink before an event and it's in my room, I invite people over to "drink beforehand." If I'm invited to someone else's place and they use the phrase, I'll use it... weird. I thought it was a little weird too... I have no qualms with what I'm doing.</p>

<p>Aries wrote:</p>

So what are the alternatives? "I did not have sexual relations with that woman? ;)


<p>You cracked me up!</p>

<p>How about...
tied one on
fell off the wagon
went all the way
Without euphemisms, I think our language would lose a lot of color.</p>

<p>at least scored means 4th base, while hooked up, anything from kissing to all the way....its a way of denying while sharing, very ambiguous</p>

<p>see pre-gaming is ambiguous, fell off the wagon means drank after not drinking for some time, but pre-gaming....</p>

<p>scored means sexual intercourse, so does went all the way, it is different from "hooking up"</p>

<p>I find it interesting - when we talked about 1st base, it was generally kissing, second a bit further, 3rd, and then a HOMERUN</p>

<p>but hooking up is anything and everything and all in between, leaving the person hearing the information to wonder and not to know, so it is a fake kind of sharing....</p>

<p>its all language, its all slang, but the ambiguity trying to be created while at the same time trying to look cool, is just something i have noticed</p>

<p>nothing wrong or right, it is what it is, the use of certain words with definitions that are unclear or cleaning up of an activity is kind of new</p>

<p>Sure we all use words, but generally, the meaning of the "code" word is less muddled than say "hooking up" or "pre-gaming"</p>

<p>"It was cocktail hour" is more obvious than "we pre-gamed", but we can't assume that the pre-gamer drank alot, but isn't the idea of pre-gaming to put a heat on before the actual event that involves drinking? so its a cover used to kind of pretend one didn't really do anything they shouldn't have but really did, so using words that are so muddled is trying to hide your activities but not really</p>

<p>CGM why exactly do you wonder about this stuff? If I hear, or am told, someone "hooked up", etc., I'm not even slightly interested in knowing anything further. There's such a thing as entirely too much information. How could anyone be even slightly curious?</p>

<p>What possible difference could it make what exactly the person(s) actually did? Who cares?</p>

<p>"internet research" aka, surfing.</p>

<p>i wonder because I am interested in linguistics, and those are examples of using words to display while at the same time covering activities</p>

<p>what about extreme rendering
and remember the big debate on fascism
or just plain old thizzing</p>

<p>it isn't the the hooking up phrase, per se, it the IDEA behind using words to "disguise" while bragging</p>

<p>Language and its use is very important and paying attention to HOW and WHY people use certain phrases is to some people, interesting</p>

<p>Slang changes the world in subtle ways, and to follow it is fun....</p>

<p>If you don't like talking about it, don't post....</p>

<p>and latetoschool, have you ever read any books on linguistics? fascinating stuff, the power and use of words</p>

<p>cgm - Maybe "cocktail hour" is obvious to us, but to the uninitiated?! What in the world is a ****-tail?!!!</p>

<p>Wow!!! Did my last post get edited (see four asterisks before "tail") because I separated the first part of a compound noun with a hyphen and that first part may not "stand alone" because of its connotations?!!! PURITANICAL AMERICA IS ALIVE AND WELL, THANK YOU! --- Get thee to a bidet!!! LOL</p>

<p>How about praying before the porcelain god? (Throwing up in the toilet)</p>

<p>Talking about euphemisms, I think the longest string of euphemisms I can remember came in a George Carlin skit I saw years ago about teenage ****bation.</p>

<p>oops, not enough ***</p>

<p>You mean a phrase like "undocumented alien?"</p>

<p>In response to your criticism of pre-gaming, pre-gaming connotes a certain type of drinking. Originally manifesting itself in tailgating (i.e. I was drinking pre-game), it since defines drinking before a larger event so that one is ready to go out. Often utilized to save money. If you have drank before you leave the house you do not need to spend as much at the bar, stadium, etc.</p>

<p>"Hooking-up" is a little more vague as it can conote everything from making out to sex. However, its use is precisely that. The individual does not have to share intimate details regarding what actually went on, but can still relay that there was a romantic encounter.</p>

<p>Very interesting. Cgm, I'm with you on this one. It's fascinating stuff and very funny.</p>

<p>Expressing events and behavior in a way that preserves a sense of politeness; but it's not very graceful.</p>

<p>it wasn't a criticism, per se, it was the language used to convey an activity while sort of trying to cover it up...</p>

<p>"romantic" yeah, that is the purpose of hooking up, romance....why say anything at all? why allude to anything from kssing to intercourse if it is private? </p>

<p>its that two sides of a coin, the sort of sharing dirty details while using phrases to making them seem less tawdry</p>

<p>its not the activities I wonder about, it is the language used....look around, its like double speak</p>

<p>Agreed. Silence and/or discretion is frequently golden under certain circumstances such as romance. Generally, I would suggest that most(?) of this stuff comes from our children, who are still trying not to giggle over Potty Humor.</p>

<p>Personally, while I greatly appreciate the clever turn of phrase or pun, after raising two kids the potty humor is about done; thus eliminating the interest in silly cover phrases. </p>

<p>I still find the odd bit funny, though... :)</p>

<p>Im all for the word pre-gaming. Its the word that people use when they talk about drinking before going out. </p>

<p>My parents had "happy hour", I pregame. </p>

<p>Although, I really dont like when someone says they're "talking" to someone. For those of you who dont know, usually this means they are freinds with benefits with someone and may be on the verge of going out.</p>

<p>Why dont I like it? Usually, when you are "talking" to someone, it really means you are doing anything BUT talking with that other person.</p>

<p>thanks for the new when I hear they were just talking...</p>