Euro or World for self study

<p>euro and world are regarded as separate fields of history for most gen ed credits for college. so which one is easier to self study? i toook world in 9th, but our class was a joke but the subject seems overly broad. hows euro?</p>

<p>World is incredibly broad in scope, and less in-depth, while Euro covers a smaller time-frame and can become very detailed. Both of the the DBQs are easier than in APUSH, which is nice. If or when you decide to self-study, ask yourself what you would like to learn more about.</p>

<p>It depends on what kind of person u r. If u think w/ the big ideas and are good at identifying large-scale trends or patterns, WH is better. Euro is more detailed, but not as much as APUSH. I have not taken Euro, but I know WH was awesome. Plus, most of WH is eurocentric anyway, especially when u come into the modern era and Europe starts taking over the world.</p>