european universities?

<p>I am considering going to a university in Europe. (possible Zurich)</p>

<p>But there is just one problem about this. I lived in Germany when I was young and my mom says that the colleges in Europe are far too liberal for my liking. They are bustling with sex and drugs. Of course there are sex and drugs..but is that scene heavier than the one in American schools?</p>

<p>anyone? bump</p>

<p>If money is an issue, I definitely would not apply. It'll cost a lot more to go to school in Europe nowadays.</p>

<p>As for the party scene thing, I would bet it depends more on who you hang out with. If you hang out with the hipsters, who listen to Electro, and go to clubs every night, then, yes, you'll probably be exposed to a lot of sex and drugs. However, if you hang out with more conservative people, you won't have to deal with that sort of stuff.</p>

<p>lol @ these stereotypes.</p>

lol @ these stereotypes.


Haha, yea. But what I said is general and applicable to any school.</p>

<p>No you're definitely right, I just like how the European partiers were described haha.</p>

In case you don't know what Electro is: YouTube</a> - JUSTICE "WATERS OF NAZARETH" RELEASE PARTY</p>

<p>With the dollar at all time low against the euro, I'd think twice before spending my tuition money in Europe (unless the resources are unlimited ). Even if you are interested in foreign languages, you can go to school here in the US and spend a year studying abroad. That way, you'd get more credits for your buck.</p>

<p>hah this stereotypes are true at least in hamburg and berlin. and don't hang out with conservatives. they are usually nazis or boring :P</p>

<p>Forget the other stuff and look at cost. The dollar is taking a beating these days, it may cost a fortune.</p>

<p>these people clearly do not know anything about european schools.</p>

<p>my sister has lived in germany for the past 2 years and she is working on her master's degree, which only costs about 500 euros a semester.</p>

<p>the only thing that would be expensive is the transportation to get from here to there and back.</p>

<p>I'm Greek and was/am considering going to the University of Athens. If you're a citizen tuition is free, if you're not a citizen you have to pay some money but still not a lot. I would consider it if I were you. </p>

<p>On the whole stereotyping thing, I can't speak for all of Europe but I know kids in Greece are much more responsible with alcohol than they are here.</p>