Europeans Harvard Class 2025

Did anyone from Europe apply EA to Harvard College? Where are you from? Did you get an interview?


Yes, I’m from the Netherlands, and no I didn’t get any interview. And you ?


Applying from Italy also haven’t got an interview yet

Heard people getting in last year who didn’t got an interview until early December last year…


I’m from the UK and I had my alumni interview last Saturday

Hi, I’m from the UK. I applied EA (sent in my application about 2 days before the deadline). Still haven’t heard about an interview - getting a bit anxious because I know that every Harvard applicant is interviewed but I haven’t been contacted…

Every applicant is not interviewed.

Sorry I meant UK applicants!

That sounds a bit weird, tbh I sent my rea application after the deadline (which is 11/02), and I got the alumnus email on 11/03. Maybe you can ask Harvard Club of the UK.

Heyy I’m also a UK applicant, I applied during REA but got deferred. I’m really happy thought bc at least it isn’t a rejection!!