Evaluate Me (Please!)

I am a junior in high school, and I’m looking for someone to (honestly, or even brutally) evaluate me for my accomplishments, activities, and record. If you want and have time, I would appreciate recommendations on how I can further my goals. A huge thank you!

Asian female- junior in high school in Georgia. I am also in the IB Program (International Baccalaureate) taking HL Math, HL Chem, HL Physics, HL English, SL History, and SL Spanish.
My two “fields” of interest: STEM and public speaking/communication

:smile: STEM

  • Research:
    Currently pursuing retrospective COVID-19 related research survey project with a University of Buffalo (NY) affiliation. The intent is to find associations between system-specific abnormalities/conditions and SARS-CoV-2. The project is in its beginning stages but should be finished by spring of 2021 with a publication as first author in the summer.
  • Summer STEM Institute: One of 500 students accepted from 2400+ international applicants into the inaugural year of this six-week summer program. Acquired data science fundamentals, strategies for conducting research, and lifelong lessons from accomplished masterclass young adults.
  • Founder and President: Nonprofit organization providing traditionally underrepresented students the opportunities that they need to pursue and thrive in STEM careers by hosting workshops and providing courses, resources, and mentorship programs free of cost
  • Volunteer: Member of the University Health Care System's Junior Volunteer Program in the endoscopy lab to assist in tasks such as surgical supply or reception and administrative support at the nurse's station.
  • Still unsure because acceptance is not confirmed, but I applied to be the Science National Honor Society President. I want to sponsor and organize the very first science fair at our school! Another honorable mention is I was offered a paid internship at my local university in the pathology lab.


  • President: Member of Gavel Club Toastmasters for 3 years, and served as president. Under my leadership, the club grew in size by 300%.
  • Communication Skills Coach: Paid intern at LeadYouth where I coach international students in public speaking, leadership, fluency, spelling, pronunciation, and writing. Overall, I ensure students are both motivated and prepared to further strengthen their communication skills.
  • Won a few awards (1st and 3rd place) at local chapter contests. I have also been awarded Competent Communicator and am working on Competent Leader from Toastmasters. My goal is to speak at a TedX if my town hosts one.

Goals: I want to get into a BS/MD program (undergrad+med school in 7/8 years). I don’t know about actual colleges though; I just don’t know where I stand to be honest.

Drop down any suggestions or comments, and I truly hope you all are safe and well- my best wishes!