Evaluate my screwed-ness, if you will

<p>So long story short, I got a lovely C in Calculus AB this semester of Junior year.
I got a B+ last semester, but somehow this semester's workload screwed me over. The rest of my grades are admittedly decent. </p>

<p>Will this kill me college admission-wise? :|</p>

<p>Depends what your definition of 'admittedly decent' is, as well as what calibre of universities you're looking at.</p>

<p>Judging from the OP I would say you're 99% destined to working at mcdonalds for the rest of your life.</p>

<p>god I hate threads like these...</p>

<p>@Doin, correction, I would say about 98.275% lol</p>

god I hate threads like these...


<p>Why? If you're already graduated, then I ask you to remember those days when you didn't know much about the college process, and were worried about every academic move you made. If you haven't...well...think about yourself in this situation.
OP is concerned. I was concerned when I got a D in Alg2 Honors. It happens. You're not doomed. Move on and get a high ACT/SAT. When you take challenging courses, and things get in the way, these sorts of things can (and will) occur. Take it as a learning curve, don't lament too much, and move on. :)</p>

@Doin, correction, I would say about 98.275% lol