evaluating the short list, advice

<p>I've researched colleges & read cc forums for a few weeks. It appears the 2 top criteria for med school acceptance are </p>

<p>1) good GPA in a field you love,
2) good MCAT score. </p>

<p>So, with those as the top criteria, Biology will be my major. </p>

<p>Short list - in state
- Univ Missouri </p>

<p>Short list - out of state
- Univ Iowa
- Indiana Univ
- Purdue Univ
- Univ of Illinois</p>

<p>I'm qualified at all of these to get into their honors program, which I think will help me learn more and keep my GPA higher.</p>

<p>I've ruled out SLU/Wash U because I can't get into their Med Scholars/honors programs. </p>

<p>I think these all offer a similar (large public school) college experience. Are these all considered basically equal as far as getting into medical school down the road? </p>


<p>Actually you haven't got it quite right.</p>

<p>The first 2 criteria you list will only get your application looked at by med schools. (Make the first cut.) They don't get you accepted. It's all the other stuff in your portfolio (personal statement, letters of recommendation, volunteering, medical experience, community service, research) that gets you an interview which eventually gets you accepted.</p>

<p>But you have the last part right--basically any of those schools will give you an equivalent shot at med school. (It's what you do there that matters....)</p>

<p>thank you for the input. you're right, those other things will play a big part.</p>