Evaluation: Math SAT II

<p>So I'm interested in what peoples' opinions are on my scores and how they think I will do on the SAT II this coming weekend.</p>

<p>I've gotten a 770 and 800 on the two Official collegeboard practice tests.
I've gotten anywhere from high 500s (when I first took it) to low 700s on the Barrons (after lots of practice I slowly brought up my scores for this painstakingly hard test)
I've gotten a 710 and 730 on two Kaplan tests.
I've gotten a 740 on an Arco test.</p>

<p>Can I have some advice on what I should do further to ensure a great score on my test on June 5th?</p>

<p>Any feedback? Am I on par with people who took it previously and got an 800?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>i think you're in good shape just keep working on barrons because those are harder than the actual exam so if you do good on those then you'll do amazing
good luck :)</p>

<p>On Kaplan so far I've gotten a 730, 700, and 710.... -_- And then for Barron's I've taken 4/6 and gotten 660s on all of them :P For Sparknotes I've taken 3 and have gotten 690, 690, and 750.... so I have no idea where I am at in terms of the real test. </p>

<p>But it's kind of a relief to me that you got around the same score as me on Kaplans, but an 800 on collegeboard :D I think you should take the 5 sparknotes tests online (most accurate I think) this week and then just chill on Friday</p>