Evaluation of my profile

Evaluation of the profile for the MS in Data Science or Business analytics in the USA

So here’s my profile: -

Gre Score: - 303

GPA: - 8.88 (this is overall, in courses related to data science it’s almost 10, have taken courses like deep learning, machine learning, artificial Intelligence, computer vision, business analytics, DS in health-care, and Game programming wrt ML and AI)

1 research paper published in Elsevier Computers and Electrical Engineering related to data science/Business analytics.

LOR: - 4 (3 from college professors + 1 from industry professional)

I have done 4 to 5 projects related to machine learning and deep learning. (So high experience with python, ML, DL, Keras, TensorFlow, and Unity)

I would be starting as a Data Science intern soon prob by the end of the month. (So basically 0 work experience in the industry to date)

So, here are the things I wanted to know about: -

1.) What universities should I target? (as many universities are not considering GRE scores so please recommend considering that too, please provide a list of universities for safe, competitive, and dream categories for both types i.e., universities with and without GRE requirements.)

2.) Should I retake GRE?

3.) How do I go about getting a graduate assistantship?

Please help :pray: :pray: :pray: !!!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Honestly, this question looks a lot like a Data Science problem. One that you are asking us to do for you.

The very first thing the GRE says in “Understanding Your Scores” is not to combine them: a 303 is meaningless. So I question how much about data science you have learned, and preparation is an important factor.

You don’t say what university or even what country you are coming from. That will matter. The 10-point GPA scale is rarely used in the US, so its probably that you are coming from overseas, but there is a lot of overseas out there.

Data Science graduate assistantships are rare and highly competitive. Sad to say, I don’t see evidence in what you posted that suggests that you are competitive.

As a PS, don’t say “4 to 5 projects”. Was it 4? Or was it 5? The lack of specificity will raise a lot of eyebrows.

Can you afford the cost of attendance?

These are usually awarded based on the strength of your application and the programs desire to have you as a member of their cohort. Programs might also look at specific skills you have that would make you a great graduate assistant.