Evening Class Safety

<p>My D will be a freshman this Fall and her schedule includes an evening class that ends at 10 pm. She probably has to take the shuttle from the main campus to her dorm on Tenley campus. How safe will that be? Are there still a lot of students around campus at that time and at the shuttle stops?</p>

<p>She will be fine. The shuttle stops are at the dorms on main campus....always lots of kids around. And the shuttle stops right by the Tenley dorm as well. A lot of students are always on the shuttle going to /from campus and Tenleytown/the metro.</p>

<p>Thank you! We also just found out that D's roommate is taking the same course... what luck!</p>

<p>Your daughter will have a good time. And my son's roommate met his girlfriend on the shuttle...sooooo....</p>

<p>LOL... Boyfriends... A whole other thing to worry about! Thanks! :)</p>

<p>Accosted by a strange male on the shuttle! Horrors!</p>