"evening" dress for summer seminar?

<p>My dd is in a quandry about the "evening" dress for the banquet during summer seminar. Just how fancy is she looking at? In our "neck of the woods" fancy means you ironed your shorts! Thanks.</p>

I'm not sure what the dress code is for the USAFA social event, but I wore a cute yellow Abercrombie miniskirt and a sleeveless black top (oops, those are Army colors! :eek: ) to the dance at USNA summer seminar. It definitely was the highlight of the week!! </p>

<p>Go Navy! Beat Army!</p>

<p>At my SS dance, girls were dressed in everything from non-jean pants and a shirt to full-length prom gowns. I would say DEFINATELY avoid the two extremes. You'll look odd either way. Too casual makes you look like you don't care and too formal makes you look like you're trying too hard.</p>

<p>To give you an idea of how the boys dressed, I don't even think any of them wore dinner jackets, much less tuxedos. Most of the boys wore khaki pants, a collared shirt, and some wore a tie. Basically, the boys dressed semi-formally, or as if they were going to a homecoming-type dance.</p>

<p>I'd say though a dress or skirt is probably best. Wear something you might wear on a date to a slightly upscale resturaunt. I wore a knee-length black circle skirt, a cashmere sweater, and some fun jewelry. My roomate wore a strapless, floral sundress and some low heels. If you are still confused about what to wear, you can PM me and I could send you some pictures of things that would work.</p>

<p>I'm sure you'll look pretty regardless, though. :)</p>