Event for Undecided Students? Anyone hear of it?

<p>I've heard that there is some kind of event in either March or April -- not Penn Previews -- that some accepted EDs received invitations to -- that helps freshmen students make decisions about things at Penn. I'm not sure what or when exactly this is, but I understand not everyone received information about it. Anyone know what this is? Thanks.</p>

<p>Are you sure it's not Penn Previews? That's the only one I've heard of...a friend of mine was accepted RD last year, and decided on Penn after going to Penn Previews.</p>

<p>No, it is not Penn Previews. It's some sort of event for students who are making up their minds about either Penn or their majors -- hosted by Penn students who help them sort things through. It's actually before Penn Previews. Thanks for the help, though.</p>