Evergreen State College riots

<p>"A concert at The Evergreen State College ended in a disturbance in which a Thurston County sheriff's patrol car was overturned and looted."</p>

<p>Local</a> News | Crowd flips patrol car after Evergreen show | Seattle Times Newspaper</p>

<p>According to the today's news, the police are now looking for suspects who caused at least $50K in damage to the police cars and equipment. If found guilty, the culprits can face up to 10 years in jail.</p>

<p>Gee - sounds like the same kind of fun that UMASS enjoys all tooo often......</p>

<p>And to think I thought pot made people peaceful.</p>

<p>Evergreen was the home of "riot grrrl" music. So no surprise.</p>

<p>Yet they wonder why rap and hip-hop shows get reputations for trouble.</p>

<p>AND, surprise, surprise--- the "Valentines Day Riot" is already listed on Dead Prez site on wikipedia. It relates that the group just "suggested" the crowd "do something."</p>

<p>The latest update:</p>

<p>Evergreen State College divided after riot | Seattle Times Newspaper</p>

On Wednesday, Thurston County sheriff's deputies arrested five suspected rioters on felony charges and were holding them overnight pending a hearing today. Four of them are Evergreen students, including two women who play college soccer and one man who plays baseball. The sheriff's office said it expects at least a dozen people will face felony charges by the time the investigation is complete.</p>

<p>The riot was the first in Evergreen's 37-year history and came as a shock to alumni, students and faculty, many of whom consider the close-knit school a bastion of peace. Students even agree to a "social contract" when they attend, which emphasizes intellectual freedom — as well as civility and respect for others.</p>



<p>A recently imported African lion escaped from the zoo, grabbed a two-year-old, and was about chomp down when an Evergreen student ran over, hit the lion over the head, forced the lion's mouth open, and saved the child.</p>

<p>The headline in the paper the next day read:</p>

<p>"Radical Evergreen student steals food from hungry immigrant."</p>

<p>When I heard of the recent eco-terrorism arson event in Woodinville my first thought was, "Evergreen students at it again."</p>

<p>Actually, from the first arrests it looks like "student-athletes". (Didn't know there were any at Evergreen.)</p>

<p>The Evergreen/Olympia ELF woman was just convicted in the UW arson case.</p>

<p>Story on conviction</p>

<p>Local</a> News | Woman found guilty of arson in 2001 University of Washington fire | Seattle Times Newspaper</p>

<p>Female soccer players no less.</p>

<p>A real soccer mom. And convicted terrorist. You just never know. I guess I can't get too upset when my wife gets the full patdown search at the airport.</p>