Every time I try to call the ACT people, I get a busy signal!

<p>Seriously, this is beyond frustrating. I've been trying to call them for DAYS now on the 319-337-1270 number and every time I try I get a busy signal. Is anyone else experiencing this?</p>

<p>can you find a different number on their website or something?</p>

<p>I am getting the EXACT same problem. I've tried multiple numbers listed on their website, and all give a busy signal.</p>

<p>My problem is that my October score mysteriously dissappeared from the online score reporter. As of last friday, after they updated the site with the new scores, mine has been inaccessible.</p>

<p>That's why when it's busy you stay on the line until you get through.</p>

<p>No, it's an actual busy tone. There's no qeueue or anything.</p>

<p>I was, however, able to get through. I called their general number 319/337-1000, and then they connected me to the correct department.</p>

<p>TriHFH, what kind of message do you get when you try to view your scores?</p>

<p>Mrs. Ferguson: I was getting a message that said something about how they couldn't match up my given information with a record in the database. After I talked to the ACT representative on the phone, they found that it was because my mother had changed my information to be under my SSN instead of my ACT ID.</p>