Every time my roommate comes into the room, she says it smells?

<p>It's so annoying. I don't really like her anyway because she's rude and snappy. Every time she comes in the room she says it smells in here, or it smells weird in here. Yesterday she said it smells like a baby diaper. I'm so ****ed and annoyed. I don't think its me. I shower daily, my clothes are clean, there's no food in the room. I even asked the girls next door to come in and smell. They didn't smell anything!</p>

<p>Now my roommate she smells and I have never said anything! Her damp washcloth is funky and her hair has a distinct odor. Her clothes smell bad too and I have never said anything!!</p>

<p>I think she is just trying to **** me off. What should I say? I'm tired of it. I'm not very confrontational.</p>

<p>The next time she says something, I am tempted to say maybe its her damp washcloth because thats what I smell.</p>

<p>Just say, "Yea, it does smell. EVERYTIME you walk in it starts to smell again."</p>

<p>I remember my roommate freshman year complained about how our room smelled bad. A week later he found the onion pizza he had forgotten under his bed.</p>