Everyone comes to a point in there life when

<p>Yeah. SO everyone comes to a point in their life when they realize that Genetically, they are not as good as the next person...</p>


<p>I dunno..it's just that after a while you realize that you can try as hard as you can, but genetically you're limited. (As in i'm smart, but not the smartest, or i'm creative, but not the most creative)
And that you're just gonna go through life being that JOe Smoe Guy/girl becuase there is nothing you can do about it...sigh..</p>

<p>anyone else feel frustrated like this?</p>

<p>It is true what you say but it does not frustrate me.</p>

<p>YES...this is exactly how I feel. It's comforting to know that at least someone else in this cruel world feels the same way. I don't know what to tell u...it's disillusioning...Personally, I've started to value more of the smaller things in life...since I'll never be the next philosophical/math genius with 10 Ph.D's, etc...so u just go for the smaller things.</p>

<p>A lot of the time, yeah. Normally I always laugh things off and joke about how bad I am at something, while secretly vying to be the best. It's easier to laugh and say I'm not trying than admit I'm trying and am horrible at whatever is at hand. Maybe I just feel it more though since I've been doing summer p.e. and I'm not a sports person, so I am bad at everything (golf, bowling, etc.).</p>

<p>genetically inferior? What exactly are you talking about? Many attributes are not determined by genetics. Plus, the limits that genetics gives us are very generous, unless you have some sort of genetic disease.</p>

<p>wow, thats a deperessing thought :( but i don't think i agree with the whole "genetically limited" thing. of coarse you're not always going to be just as good as the next person.........but whose to say that you shouldn't atleast try to be better.</p>

<p>changed their major to something other than Pre-Med.</p>

<p>You know, I wish I could relate, but I really AM genetically superior to everyone I've ever met.</p>


<p>Yes and no.</p>

<p>Yes: We all are limited, there is always someone better in some way or in many ways. That is a fact of life, we all have to get used to it.</p>

<p>No: Success in life isn't simply a matter of scores, degrees, results. Look at the academic record of the President. There is ALWAYS opportunity for those who continue to grow and to look for it. Further, there is great satisfaction possible for all in helping others and/or when one finds one's special skill or niche.</p>

<p>DON'T GIVE UP!</p>

<p>I have never thought about it in terms of actual genetics, but I have realized how less than mediocre I was in terms of intelligence and such. It's all very disheartening. But I still have my curious hobbies that I feel I'm an expert on. Not that that means anything, but not everyone was cut out to do something "huge."</p>

<p>"Harry--you're a great wizard, you know." "I'm not as good as you," said Harry, very embarrassed, as she let him go. "Me!" said Hermione. "Books! And cleverness! There are more important things--friendship and bravery and--oh Harry--be careful!"</p>

<p>I'm not a Dragonball mania:), but I personally thought this conversation was interesting. This is a conversation between Vegeta (an elite sayan) and Goku (a failure sayan) before they start fighting...</p>

<p>Vegeta: "Be glad. A lower-class fighter like you get to fight with a super elitist like me. When Sayans are born, their are tested with how well they can fight. At that point, some scums like you who got low score on the test would be send to a planet where not many strong enemies (refering to Earth). In other words: You're a failure...."</p>

<p>Goku: "I see. So that's I've been sent to Earth. I have to thank you. By the way... Even though I'm a failure, I think it is possible to spent a lot of effort and exceed the elitists."</p>

<p>Vegeta: "hahaha, that's a good one. Ok, now let's show you the wall of elitists what failures can never break..."</p>

<p>And if you know Dragonball, Goku actually exceeds the power of Vegeta at the end. Yeah, I know, this is just a comic, but I think what Goku says is right, it is possible for people who didn't born to be an elitist to be able to be smart in the future. So anybody who's frustrated, try EXTREMELY hard, not just "hard". If it doesn't work out even though you've tried extremely hard, then that's the point you should stop. But I think everybody should at least try and see whether it's "possible" or "impossible".</p>

<p>Hmm.. I try not to think about being limited genetically- that would just make me sad.. I'm actually quite happy with where I stand with intelligence, looks, creativity, etc...and no, I'm not some ridiculously smart, freakishly artistic hottie... I'm just me! ... you just have to think that there are plenty of people who aren't as good-looking or as smart as you and then its much easier to get through your day.
And um... humor isnt really genetic..so why not try to be funnier than everyone else?</p>

<p>It's just that In school i have to work my butt off and here i am, in the govener's school for the arts, and There are so many more people creative than me...I try and try, i guess. I mean, it's just that life is unfair for all, it's just more unfair for others....I guess... I'm not dumb, or ugly, but there will always be that other person who's better than me....w/e it's all relative ig uess..or how people make posts so that you can rate yourself form a 1-10 in different areas, but i's SO pointless cuz all it is is misery loving company..i dunno, it's my little rant i guess.</p>

<p>and yes, creattivity is genetic. THere's even a name for that gene. So is humor. YOu get different genes that enable your brain to develop in the areas associate with "humor"</p>

<p>what the hell do you mean by "genetically limited"??? it's onoly if you BELIEVE it. i thought i was genetically limited in a lot of ways. but i beat them all. (MY COLLEGE ESSAY/HOOK HAHAA) there are NO limits, if you put your m ind to it.</p>

<p>Gah..i'm just depressed. btw, what was your hook?</p>

<p>theres always someobdy bigger, faster, stronger, smarter</p>

<p>but you do have potential and its possible to be the best that you can be. like in a year from now you will be smarter than you were now.</p>

<p>Hurm... never woulda thought humor was genetic.. guess i lucked out, huh!?</p>

<p>LOL NorthWestLover! x] You are a DBZ fan aren't you!</p>