Everyone in India speaks Hindi; why do they have Hindi in Huntsman?

<p>Everyone in India speaks English-Prime minister, shopkeepers, beggars, sweepers; why do they have Hindi in Huntsman?
That should mean competition for those choosing hindi should be tough because demand is low.</p>

<p>is your last name kumar??? Trying to brush up on my noexistant hindi reading skills.</p>

<p>lol dude TELL me how u got ur name to be in hindi thats freakin awesomeee</p>

<p>oh... i think we were supposed to answer his question. haha</p>

<p>Kishore, I agree that Indian businessmen and bureaucrats speak English proficiently but a foreigner would still find Hindi helpful if he/she were to actually live in India for a couple of years or whatever.</p>

<p>And besides the upper and middle classes, Indians don't speak English passably. Btw, what part of India are you from? I'm interested in knowing which Indian city has beggars and sweepers proficient in English.</p>

<p>kishore kumar? oh very funnyy... -_-</p>

<p>and anyway, its all abt Rafi =)</p>

<p>I think he maybe from Kolkata. My dad said he was surprised to see that beggars actually begged in english when he went there.</p>

<p>haha, it was b/c of who your dad was - NRI!
I went and the man who carried my cabin bag from the terminal to the taxi (you know when they just swarm around you and grab your bags, forcing you to follow them...) demanded $5.</p>

<p>I still get that NRI treatment everytime I go and although I do feel guilty, I still enjoy it.</p>

<p>What parts of India are you guys or your parents from?
I'm from Jamshedpur in Bihar...oh wait, Jharkhand, if you've heard of it</p>

<p>haha bihar. there are sooo many bad jokes abt laloo prasad yadav. </p>

<p>umm i was born in bangalore but spend most of my time (when i visit) in bombay/delhi where my family lives.
the beggars in b'lore aren't horrible at english, btw. but since i dont act/look like an NRI, i dont get special treatment in good or bad ways.</p>

<p><em>winces when someone associates Bihar w/ Laloo Yadav</em>
but anyway, our new Chief Minister is a good guy and Laloo is doing a nice job at Indian Railways.</p>

<p>Here's what I had posted a few months ago when someone else asked the same question regarding the use of Hindi:</p>

<p>"Well, you are right to a certain extent that since educated Indians speak English, Hindi is not very essential to communicate.. However, the advantages of learning Hindi are:</p>

<p>1) Being fluent in Hindi allows to you to understand Urdu.
2) Most Arabs in the eastern gulf region ( mostly on the east coast especially UAE and Oman) speak Hindi because of the high population of Indians here. Having been born and brought up in UAE, i'd say that knowing Hindi would benefit you tremendously here ( at times, moreso than Arabic ) because of the expatriate population here ( which is in majority ).
3) Learning Hindi helps you in Arabic to a certain extent because of a common origin.. Hence, they have quite a few words which mean the same...
4) Knowing Hindi will enable the speaker to understand other local Indian dialects ( with some practice ).
4) Hindi, although not the native language of all Indians, is understood by most.
5) Learning a local language, such as Hindi, helps add the "personal" touch.."</p>


<p>P.S: Fix the spelling of Kishor :)</p>

<p>i just felt like including myself in this thread cause im indian too :)</p>

<p>hi guys,
just thought i would add in myself
im applying to huntsman as an undergrad this year with hindi as my language</p>

<p>i was born in the us, gujarati is my 2nd language as well. i learned hindi through watching movies and doing volunteer work in india (i spent my summer teaching at a school in india)</p>

<p>so i am fairly fluent. however, i do not know how to read in hindi. like with hindi characters. is this needed for huntsman? does anyone know?</p>

<p>hindI is useful for...</p>

<li>passing Hindi exams (IB, ICSE, etc)</li>
<li>understanding priests and UP/MP/Bihar politicians and scholars</li>

<p>hindUSTANI is useful for...</p>

<li>a good proportion of Indians almost everywhere except TN, Kerala, Karnataka, southern AP</li>
<li>Pakistani cities and tourist destinations</li>
<li>certain people in Lhasa, Tibet (the ones who illegally go from china to india)</li>
<li>Nepali cities and tourist destinations</li>
<li>Hindi/Urdu speakers in UAE, Britain, Fiji, Mauritius, South Africa</li>
<li>Bollywood films</li>

<p>but any brown-man that you'd have to talk to in order to do business (except i guess in Gujarat) knows English unlike chinese/arabs/everyone else. so basically Hindi is more just for fun and to get a new lens through which to learn about the world because you get to talk to Bihari migrant workers in Bangalore or construction workers in UAE or people in remote areas of india/nepal/pakistan/afghanistan to get around. other than that, hindi is useless</p>

<p>shootforthetop - are you honestly asking if being able to read is important?</p>

<p>after being selected in the program you have to pass in UPenn's in house exam in hindi</p>

<p>@kishore kumar- Firstly, no. not everyone in india speaks fluent english, nowhere near. maybe in the major cities it'll seem like that, but there are so many sections/stratas in the society that are very different from each other.
And its always good to know an additional language, so why not hindi? plus if youre planning any business initiatives in india, knowing hindi will be a major advantage (atleast in the north) to bridge the gaps with.</p>

<p>@jaipur- lol i just noticed this thread is more than 4 years old, how did you dig it up?</p>