Everything about UW-Madison

<p>Do many students often do other activities besides drinking?
What is the social life like? what are the bars like? what is downtown madison like? describe, describe, describe</p>

<p>what do students do on the weekends?
also, what are the best resident halls?? slitcher, witte, ogg, etc)</p>

<p>is the food good? are the dorms nice? are the people cool?
is individuality diminshed due to the huuge campus population? </p>

<p>how are classes? what are the teachers like? what departments are best at UW- English, science, engineering?</p>

<p>what are the best and worst things about UW?</p>

<p>tell me everything!</p>

<p>Downtown Madison is the square around the capitol, don't worry about it. State St is still great-lower end, near campus is a mall-no cars- lots of great small shops, street carts, ethnic restaurants, etc. BTW the legal age is 21, the police do keep an eye on things.</p>

<p>So much to do on and around campus. Participant sports; football, hockey, basketball to watch and hearing the band is awesome. Good running campus. Memorial Union very much used. Not a suitcase campus. Arts, theatre etc.</p>

<p>Dorms-look at the website for pics and descriptions of dorms. Two main areas- Lakeshore and Southeast. Many different styles, read up on them. The food is all a la carte, there are snack bars, coffee shops, carryout and delivery to the dorms; good, from SOAR visit and son's report, many options- again, the UW website housing site is easy to navigate. Best dorm depends on what you want- location- relative to your classes, close to lake, close to State St, highrise, newer-older...There is a wide variety of styles.</p>

<p>The interactive map will tell you what depts are in which building, and the catalog and timetable are easily accessible online without restriction. Best and worst depend on your viewpoint-it is a large campus. Like the blind men and the elephant, what you hear about the school depends on who you talk to. I was there eons ago, it was great then, has changed for the better, son likes it now. I know you want to hear from people, but from knowing the campus firsthand I found the website excellent for getting info. Also see the GoogleEarth map.</p>